Why Marriage?

Hey, I'm Casey. A happily married Mrs. of twelve years, home-educating mom of two wildflower girls, and the gal behind The Southeastern Bride. So, why marriage?

At my Papaw’s funeral I listened as a woman congratulated Mamaw on nearly sixty-years of marriage. She turned to the woman and said plain as day, “It wasn’t enough”. 

Years later as we laid her to rest beside him, I was overwhelmed by the legacy they created in the now twenty-one lives of children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren, along with our many spouses and significant others; their marriage a prominent piece of each of our hearts. 

Even when I was little girl I would dream of a marriage as silly and sacred as theirs, but it wasn't until I was much older that I realized they were in love. I always thought they were just best friends.

To me, my marriage is place of rest and restoration. It is my safe place and comfort. We go out into the world and are exhausted by its demands, but our marriage provides the place we get to come back to at the end of the day. A real and humble place where there are piles of laundry to fold and dinner to be decided on, a place to just be with my best friend.

On The Southeastern Bride you will find daily wedding inspiration and connect with artists and vendors in your neck of the woods- right here in the Southeast (as defined by the SEC of course). Featuring inspiring imagery along with stories of legacy and love, The Southeastern Bride is designed to be simple, intentional, and encouraging. Yes, online you will see a “perfect feed", but between you and me, that is just a way of drawing people into something with a lot of heart behind it.

That joy is what I hope to share with brides-to-be. I am so grateful you are here!

Casey Davis