Hi I’m Casey! I am the happily married Mrs. of Ben (for over ten years!) and mama of my two wildflower girls, Addison and Audrey. A lot of life happens in the 865 square feet of our 1940’s bungalow here in North Georgia. Within these walls we home-educate, read many books, and celebrate daily life together- usually with the flashing light of a disco ball and loud singing throughout the house.

While my formal education is in early childhood education and exceptionalities, my most recent work was through this blog, The Southeastern Bride, which I began in 2015 and subsequently published three beautiful print magazines. After some time away in 2018 and 2019 many of my readers had moved from bride-to-be to a season of marriage and family. Now in the fall of 2020 I have chosen to pivot and use this space to connect with this community in a more personal way.

Here you’ll find my musings on family, home, beauty, books, and the simple life. You can find me on Instagram most days, though I often blog here when captions run a bit long or when a conversation deserves deeper conversation.

A bit of an idealist, my best day includes a good book, soft blanket, crackling candle, and warm cup of coffee (and husband) by my side while the sounds of playful little girls echo all around. 

I am so grateful that you are here!