Five Years & A Fresh Start

The Southeastern Bride (The Tennessee Bride originally) began one night when I couldn't fall asleep. Nearly ten years ago when our first daughter was born I left my day job in the medical field to become a stay-at-home mom. I had already been playfully dabbling with photography and over the next several years continued to shoot here and there. I realized that as a photographer I was more often than not also directing the flow of the day at the weddings I shot. Out of that was born a wedding business providing wedding coordination and director services. 

Then a second baby girl was born in 2014 and I slowed down yet again; still feeling as though I hadn't found my niche. But, then one night laying beside a sweet, restless girl the entire culmination of odd jobs hit me like a brick. With my experience in business, photography, and as a writer and with my love of visual inspiration was born "The Tennessee Bride". Within a year The Tennessee Bride had grown to a point where I was excited to move in a more regional direction which then led to… The Southeastern Bride.

I created The Southeastern Bride to be a meaningful resource. A place to step away from the crowded and busy national advertising scene to bring brides from across the South freshly picked content and to connect them with talented wedding artists and vendors in their own neck of the woods. The Southeastern Bride is a place where marriage is celebrated. Yes, we feature beautiful imagery and have a “perfect feed” that focuses on showcasing the magic, culture, and traditions of the South, but between you and me, that is just a way of drawing folks into something with a lot of heart behind it. 

With three magazines published, hundreds of blog posts shared, and a following that felt like community the end of 2018 brought unexpected life changes and my dreams for The Southeastern Bride were put on the back burner. 

In December 2018 I got a call from my dad. He was having some pain and from that point on our lives became a blur of helping him with his small business, driving him to doctor appointments, bringing him meals, and folding his laundry- all the while caring for our little family as well. Not long after his pain began we got a diagnosis; lung cancer had spread far and wide in his body and sooner than we could have imagined he was moved to our home on Hospice care. He left us in early 2019 and since that time we moved into my childhood family home. It has taken the good part of a year to get things remodeled, settled, and to find our new normal.

I have greatly missed the wedding world and it has taken longer to get back to than I would have expected. I had originally planned to return to this space in March, but have you ever tried to re-launch a business at the start of a worldwide pandemic? Neither had I. After a few months of taking things slow I decided what better day to start than today, September 1st, which also happens to be the five year anniversary of when The Southeastern Bride originally launched!

With new content and encouragement for planning a joyful marriage, a website refresh coming soon, and new resources for both brides-to-be and wedding artists and vendors it is my hope that the next five years will be even better than the first!

I am so grateful that you are here! Cheers to five years y’all!