Wedding Wellness

Planning your wedding is an exciting time. From choosing a theme, to wedding bands, it truly is a once in a lifetime experience. However, being a newlywed myself, I understand the stress that comes with working full-time and planning a wedding. In the midst of a million color swatches, loaded up Pinterest boards, and trying to understand what the difference between a peony and a ranunculus is, it is way too easy to lose sight of taking care of your health and wellbeing.

Check out my five easy wedding wellness tips that will keep you healthy for the big day!

1. Make time to invest in yourself. 
It’s true – there are just not enough hours in the day when you’re working and wedding planning. Your free time is easily getting filled up with what seems like speed dating photographers, and vetting out vendors. Make a decision today to invest in yourself during this incredible time – whether it is through meal planning, exercising or just taking time to do things outside of the wedding.

2. Make a wedding wellness plan. 
Do you want to go grocery shopping every Sunday to avoid going out to eat several times per week? Do you want to set a goal to exercise 3 times per week or try a new spin studio? If you are using a wedding planning calendar, take a couple of minutes each week to mark your wellness items in your calendar and stick to it.

3. Find an exercise that you love. 
Life is too short for monotonous workouts. Do you love the idea of Zumba, but are slowly finding out that indeed your hips DO lie? (Sorry Shakira, it’s not you, it’s me.) Then give barre a try! There are SO many new boutique fitness studios out there and many have wedding wellness packages at discounted rates. BONUS: exercise is a great stress relief! Take it all out on the treadmill or in the weight room. You will feel way better afterwards, I promise.

4. Use the 80/20 rule. 
You are engaged – let’s celebrate! Take this time to focus on finding your healthy lifestyle balance, but don’t limit yourself so much that you don’t enjoy your engagement. The engagement party, the wedding shower, the bachelorette/bachelor parties  - all of these are being thrown in YOUR honor! So, don’t limit yourself to just eating vegetables. Eat healthfully 80% of the time and give yourself 20% of the time to splurge a little and enjoy the party (responsibly of course). The most important part is that after the party is over, that you just jump right back in where you left off. You didn’t fall off the wagon, you just took a detour for some celebrating. Now it’s time to get back to it!

5. Bring your fiancĂ© into the fun. 
Life is more fun with a partner, and that includes healthy eating and exercising. Talk with your fiancĂ© about engaging on a path to wellness together as a team. Perhaps they would like to go to the same gym as you, train for a race with you, or help meal plan and grocery shop. It’s more than having an accountability partner, it’s a way to ensure the results you see last long after you say “I do!”

If this sound great but you still don’t know where to start Brittany at Blush Nutrition would love to help you find your individual path to wedding wellness starting with a complimentary first appointment. Brittany L. Jones, MS, RD, LD. is a Registered Dietitian and owner of Blush Nutrition, LLC. She is a newlywed herself and offers nutrition coaching and meal planning for brides, grooms and their entire wedding party. Learn more by visiting or through her vendor directory profile