The real weddings that are featured on The Southeastern Bride blog are the most visited and popular feature of the website, so when I began planning for Book Three, it just made sense to do a whole magazine dedicated to real weddings. When I reached out to the featured couples for their married wisdom, much of what I received back were stories and details about their wedding days. As you are reading this in preparation for your own big day, I hope that the details, information, and advice will be abundantly helpful to you. 

Love is a long road. Wedding day details are beautiful and can be so meaningful, but marriage is the really fun part. Sitting on the couch binge watching Netflix shows, fajita Friday’s, and long awaited weekend adventures- those are the big things and are the most important details. So even as you are planning for your wedding day, I hope that you will more importantly look forward to your future.

Eight years ago, my husband and I rented a cabin in Blue Ridge, Georgia. There, just a few handfuls of our very favorite people gathered. We scooted couches out of the way, lit candles, and my husband‘s childhood best friend officiated. After we were married, we lit a bonfire outside and feasted on barbecue and banana pudding in lieu of cake. It was completely untraditional, but it was absolutely us. Our wedding day was just one way that we were already living out our marriage through being ourselves, accepting each other as we are, and vowing to do each day together.

With great joy, Book Three is now available and I am so thrilled to be donating all of the profits of the digital download to the wonderful non-profit, Wish Upon A Wedding. I am grateful to each of you who will help us make wedding dreams come true for some special couples facing life threatening and terminal circumstances. This is just one way I hope that this blog and magazine can spread light and lift up others through celebration.

May your wedding day be a meaningful reflection of your marriage to come,

Happily Married Mrs, Mama, & Founding Editor & Publisher of The Southeastern Bride.

Featured Image: Madeline Harper, as featured in Book Three