August Archives: Let Me Tell You A Story

Let me tell you a story about a Midwestern girl
who fell in love with a California boy
who grew up in the hills of Tennessee.
Let me tell you how they were impossibly young,
how they built a life between the hills
with their four calloused hands
and their two strong backs.
They struggled as the wet blanket air
stole their nights and
smothered life away.

Breathing in, breathing out.
Southern Summer
beating them down.

They lived like gypsies
and they ate like savages
and they found themselves alive
in the mountains and rivers,
under stars.
They danced at the fireside,
each crisp night offering them up
to each other.

Breathing in, breathing out.
Southern Autumn
keeping their hearts pinned in place.

Let me tell you how they doubled their numbers,
by accident it seems from a distance.
And the nights were so long
and the days were so long.
And the sun, moon, and stars were forever far away from them
and they closed their eyes,
curled up next to the fire and dreamt
of each other.

Breathing in, breathing out.
Southern Winter
darker and colder than they'd ever feared.

They waited and wanted,
watching the sun low in her path.
They held their breath
and she came back,
higher every morning,
until their hearts blossomed with hope.
They counted out minutes and days
and they danced at the fireside
teaching their children how
to cast wishes at the stars.

Breathing in, breathing out.
Southern Spring
bringing them back to themselves and each other.


Written By: Rachel Browder, Photography: Foxtail Photography, Day of Coordinator: Julie Laramie, Caterer: Woodlands BBQ, Florist: Julie Laramie, Baker: Appalachian Cookie Company, Wedding Dress: Carol Hannah, Men’s Suits: Mens Wearhouse, DJ: Digital Mobile Entertainment.