Letter From The Editor, Book 2

When I began work on Book 2 I knew two things: I wanted to name the issue after an iconic song and I wanted it’s pages to be filled to the brim with bright and colorful inspiration for every bride. Even as I dubbed the issue “In Bloom” I didn’t realize just how reflective the title was of the work that would be poured into these pages.
During the process of making Book 2 I spoke with brides-to-be about the emotional exposure, beauty, and blooming that comes with the evolving of a relationship into marriage, I had the opportunity to encourage artists to push just a little out of their comfort zones to stand taller in the sun, and I watched others tend to weeds in both life and art, some making difficult decisions to start fresh, occasionally postponing their harvest for yet another year in an effort to experience a life with more passion and purpose. Even the publication itself experienced the comforts of feeling more deeply rooted this time around.

Whether you are newly engaged, a photographer opening your first roll of film, or are already firmly planted in your purpose, I hope that these pages inspire you to bloom right where you are. 

Casey L. Davis
Happily Married Mrs,
Mama, and Founding Editor
& Publisher of The Southeastern Bride

Top: Common Dove Photography (Book 2 Editorial Image)
Bottom: Abigail Malone, 2016