Story of a Husband

When I reached out to Kathleen of JoPhoto about any content she would like to contribute to our first publication, our exchange was not as I had anticipated. Kathleen and her husband, photographers and filmmakers based in Knoxville, Tennessee, recently launched a second business that has proven quite successful in the photography industry. She unfortunately had no new content to submit for the magazine, nor did she have time to devote to a one-of-a-kind editorial made just for Book 1. In fact, they were preparing to leave on a trip to Ireland in the coming days. I asked Kathleen if she would share some personal photos with us when they got back, and she was kind enough to agree.

While these images are beautiful and tell the story of a place far away, I am more intrigued by the story they tell of a husband as written by his wife. A tourist mapping his way around town, desiring the local experience. A man inspired, full of words and wonder. Just a guy in a pub taking it in. Traveling together not only provides us the opportunity to experience new cultures and grow as individuals, our travels connect and bind us together; perhaps bringing us closer the more distant we become from home. 

These photos are Kathleen’s record of her moments spent watching her husband, Joe.

Photography: JoPhoto