After the Rainstorm

There is something so incredibly inspiring about the river; how it moves in ways that describe our lives, especially after the rainstorm. Some seasons are peaceful still, while others overwhelm and overtake. Yet, there is something so beautiful about that, even after the waters change and you adjust to the next season. 

This shoot was inspired by the changing of seasons, the storms and the peace, and how life is full of beautiful grace, and to see that all you have to do is take a moment to stop and breathe. While we didn't plan for it to rain the day before and change the water, the aftermath of the storm was so beautiful to us and really helped to tell our story. I wanted this shoot to be a reflection of that, of surrender and waiting and hoping. 

Our bride for the day had a letter from her given to her by the one whom her soul loved, asking her to meet him at the river before the storm. She waited for him there, despite the weather and I think that is such a testimony to what love is. Love perseveres through the calm and the storms, always waiting and always hoping. I wanted this editorial to be a reminder to all of us, that it’s okay to slow down to feel and remember the little things again, to remember the sweet touches and glances and the hearty laughs, because time is such a precious gift and there is so much beauty and joy in the little things. 

-Hannah Forsberg, photographer

Photography:  Hannah Forsberg 
Venue: Private Residence
Model: Sarah Woods from Factor Women
Florals: Forage & Fleur
Calligraphy: Rachel Anne Stationary
Rentals: Southern Vintage
Gown: Leanne Marshall from The Sentimentalist 
Styling + Planning: Elena from Laurel Avenue