Surprise Savannah Engagement

Caleb and I have been together for almost 3 years. Last year, I surprised Caleb with his first flight for his birthday! We went to San Francisco and stayed in Napa Valley. It was the trip of a lifetime and made my heart so full seeing his face light up on the plane. It was time for my birthday, and sure enough, he surprised me with a trip to Savannah. Not only were we going to Savannah, but he invited our best friends Robbie and Kayla.

When I was 14 I went to Savannah on vacation- by accident. I was on my way to Florida with my best friend and her parents when Hurricane Katrina started moving in. Her dad let us know that we couldn't drive any further. The next sign we saw was for Tybee Island, so we pulled in to check it out. Tybee wasn't really well-known then, so we scored a little one-story house right off the pier. Our first day, we went to the pier to check it out and made friends with some local kids our age who were fishing. I quickly felt like I had known them my whole life. We became inseparable. Every morning before sunrise, they would knock on our bedroom window and motion for us to come outside. It became a ritual to sit in the lifeguard chair and watch the sunrise every morning. The dolphins were always out in the mornings and it was magical. Then we would walk to the local's favorite, The Breakfast Club, for breakfast. I cried my eyes out when we left. Ever since then, I made it a goal to go every year to see my friends. As we got older, they all moved and went separate ways and the annual trips stopped happening. Every time I go to Tybee, my heart feels full again. The happiest moments of my teenage years were there. I still cry when I leave. All of my friends and family know Savannah as my "Magical Fairy-Tale Place" as I always call it. Caleb has quickly fallen in love with it ALMOST as much as me.

When I found out that's where Caleb was taking me I was beyond excited; it was the perfect gift. I love sharing Savannah and Tybee with my friends and thought nothing of Kayla and Robbie being photographers. The second day we were there, we got dressed to go out for dinner in downtown Savannah. We threw on dresses and Kayla mentioned that we should take some pictures on the beach before leaving, since it might be our only time wearing "real clothes". So we went to the beach. We were walking and talking, taking in the scenery, and then as we walked to a little peninsula Caleb stopped and hugged me. He asked if he could take care of me the rest of my life and I shouted "YES!".. a bunch of oh my gosh's later, he gave me the ring.

My favorite person, favorite moment, favorite place. It was a dream come true!

Photography: Kayla Anderson