Yes! Now What? A pro's guide to wedding planning

You did it! You took the plunge from dating, to becoming a fiancé! It’s such an exciting time and one that should be equally celebrated. We get brides from all over the place asking what to do first. That is the big question, isn’t it? In all of this beautiful chaos and excitement, where do I begin to make decisions in putting this dream of a wedding into reality? We would love to give you a few little pointers and tricks to getting ahead of the wedding planning curve ball. Because after all, this should be the most exciting time of your life!

 I have to make my first pointer be about using a wedding coordinator and his/her services because I personally learned the hard way. I planned my whole wedding on my own, with the help of my mom and sister, and before long I was caught up in all the logistics. People were asking me things that took my mind completely off the whole purpose of the day, which was becoming one with my man, and creating a new family together in a holy union. What time will the cake be done? Who is going to bring the drinks and set them up? Do you know who will be staying to clean up? These are all things that distracted me from the actual beauty and purpose of the day. This was by far my biggest regret and now my best piece of advice for new brides.

Now, a lot of planners and coordinators have different ideas on what vendor needs to be booked next and in what order. My theory is this: go with your gut. In going with your gut, I encourage my couples to put together a list of their priorities for their big day. Do they prioritize the location, the scenery or a historic home? What about photos, or video? Maybe they want the best food that they can possibly afford and don’t care about much else! Once you set your priorities, it is easier to see where to go from there. If your top priority is photos, get a photographer first! If your first choice is food, then run with that! Now don’t leave the venue for last, that’s always a biggie. But if you have a reasonable amount of time in your planning process, go where your gut is telling you to go.

My last piece of advice when planning for this day is to not be scared of the undone. By that I mean, don’t be scared to do what no one has done before. I have seen some super special and intimate moments happen at weddings because they just stayed true to them and their relationship. Don’t let tradition hold you to a day that you wont thoroughly enjoy. If you want to forego the traditional meat and side plated style entrée and have a cereal bar? PLEASE DO THAT! What about a ceremony in which the guests are heavily involved and you all get to share in a ceremony that is full of love, memories and prayers for this new season? That is so beautiful and intimate to me, and cannot be repeated. Those are the weddings that people remember.

Do not lose yourself in the planning process, stay true to who you are and hire help! These are all things that will make for a fool proof wedding day that you will both be able to look back on and remember what a special day that was.

Contributed By: Jordan Dull of Totem Weddings + Events