Kristen and Jeff's Six Year Celebration in Nashville

Happy Monday! I wanted to start the week by celebrating marriage, isn't that what it's all about anyway? Kristen and Jeff have been married for six years. With my six year anniversary on the horizon, I know first hand all the things that can come up in the early years of marriage. That is why I am so excited to share these images with you today. Kristen and Jeff wanted to celebrate and have a visual reminder of this time in their marriage. This session was set up like a weekend date. These are all locations in Nashville that they enjoy walking to and ways they enjoy being together. A big thank you to Tennessee's Finest Member, Sarah Sidwell Photography, for sharing these fun and inspiring photos with us! 

More from the photographer, Sarah Sidwell:
I admire these two. They’ve been through moves, furthering their education, late nights studying, job changes, more moves, new dreams, and so much more. Through easy days and hard days, they’ve grown together. They live their lives with zeal — the joy and excitement they express over small things in life makes me smile. They didn’t need a big life changing moment to know that this time in their lives deserves remembrance. Celebrating the small things and the ordinary must be at least one of the keys to a happy life and a happy marriage. I absolutely love that Kristen and Jeff took the time to celebrate and document this season in their lives. The two of them together. The places they love, in the city they call home.

Photographer: Sarah Sidwell Photography | View Sarah's Tennessee's Finest Vendor Profile