Kamille & Brennon's Two Year Florida Celebration By Katie Norrid

This cute couple is Kamille and Brennon. You may know Kamille as one of our Tennessee's Finest Vendors. She owns and operates BettsMade (view her vendor profile here). A delightful wedding and event planning business that came to fruition following her own wedding experience. I love being able to share posts like this to really celebrate the joy of marriage. These images were taken by Katie Norrid, another Tennessee's finest vendor (view Katie's profile here), ocean side in Florida. Kamille and Brennon just celebrated two years of marriage and to that we say CONGRATS! Enjoy these darling images and read Kamille's story below!

From Kamille of BettsMade:
I think I have known Brennon for about as long as I can remember. We both went to the same church growing up, but he was two grades older so there wasn't much communication; just some loving from a distance.

When I was in eight grade, I got enough courage to ask Brennon, a tenth grader, to the softball banquet, and with the approval of his mother, he said YES.

We then became boyfriend and girlfriend and i would love to say that we've been together ever since, but that wasn't the case.

Both attending the University of Memphis, we started dating again when I got to college and dated for seven years before he asked me to be his wife. SEVEN years!

Our marriage got off to an interesting start. Our beautiful wedding venue, the setting for what would be the best day of our lives, burned to the ground. This news came just seven days before our wedding. The roller coaster of emotions that we went through together that week and the way we overcame the unfortunate event, helped to clarify what I really wanted to do in life. I wanted to recreate that special moment that I experienced, and give it to others.

Thus became BettsMade.