Welcome to The Tennessee Bride!

Hey ya'll! Welcome to The Tennessee Bride! I am so grateful that you stopped by! I'm Casey, the founder and editor-in-chief and I just wanted to take a minute to introduce myself and share with you the heartfelt passion, purpose and goals of The Tennessee Bride.

The Tennessee Bride began one night when I couldn't fall asleep. Four years ago when our first daughter Addison was born I left my day job in the medical field to become a stay at home mom. I had already been playfully dabbling with photography and over the next several years continued to do a bit of photography here and there. I realized that as a photographer I was more often than not also directing the flow of the day at weddings I worked. Out of that adventure was born a wedding business providing wedding coordination and director services. Then a second baby girl was born in 2014 and I slowed down yet again; still feeling as though I hadn't found my niche.  But, then one night laying beside a sweet, restless girl the entire culmination of odd jobs hit me like a brick. With my experiences in business, photography, and as a writer and with my love of visual inspiration was born The Tennessee Bride.

I created The Tennessee Bride to be a meaningful resource. A place where brides can come to find inspiration and connect with vendors from their own neck of the woods. A place where there is no wading through national advertising to find real and helpful resources local to them. Beyond serving brides, The Tennessee Bride is also focused on helping talented artists and vendors reach and connect with their own local audience.

The Tennessee Bride serves to offer inspiration for beautiful beginnings and celebration for homemade marriages. I strive to do this by providing beautiful images and vendors, examples of real love, and time tested recipes.

Included in the goals to serve brides, vendors, and marriage is not only this blog, but also the goal of publishing a print publication in the Fall of 2016!

I hope that you enjoy The Tennessee Bride and will join in as it grow!

Thanks again for stopping by & I'd love for you to say 'hey' in the comments here or on social media!