Wala's 1950s Wedding Dress

When you stop by the blog next Monday you will see Abbey and Shawn's wedding, but first we had to share Abbey's bridal photographs and the story that goes with them. Shawn's grandmother, "Wala", wore this gown when she got married  to "Poppa" in the 1950s. The dress had been wadded up in the attic for years and was ruined by what she considered 'age spots'. Wala thought no one would ever want to wear it so she planned to just throw the dress away. Enter Abbey. Wala still can't believe that so many people have been impressed by the photos and the dress itself. As for the dress, it is safely hung in Abbey's closet and won't be finding it's way back to an attic anytime soon!

These images were captured by Leah Moyers. Abbey, her mom, and Leah drove around backroads in Philadelphia, Tennessee for hours finding just the right spots. We love these and hope you will too! And don't forget to come back Monday to see their wedding!

Vendors: Photographer: Leah Moyers | Hair: Brigitte Cate at The Hairdressers at The Orangery Makeup: Salon Visage  | Dress: Heirloom