Welcome to The Southeastern Bride

Abigail Malone Photography

The passion and purpose of The Southeastern Bride is to provide fine-art inspiration for the intentional bride. The Southeastern Bride is not only a resource for fine-art wedding inspiration, but strives to be a source of encouragement from planning for marriage on to the legacy of love we leave.

Beyond inspiring the bride-to-be, it is also our most sincere hope to be a resource for the artists and vendors who we have the pleasure and honor of working alongside. We strive to be a resource that provides vendors and artists well deserved recognition for their talents. These goals are met by publishing an active blog, bi-annual print magazine, and by providing a meaningful and carefully curated vendor directory.

A Brief History of The Southeastern Bride

The Southeastern Bride began one night when I couldn't fall asleep. 

Seven years ago when our first daughter, Addison, was born I left my day job in the medical field to become a stay at home mom. I had already been playfully dabbling with photography and over the next several years continued to grow my business. Then a second baby girl, Audrey, was born in 2014. By that time I had a three year old with a diagnosis of autism and a newborn forcing me to slow down yet again. But, then one night laying beside a sweet and restless girl the entire culmination of experience and appreciation for my own marriage hit me like a truck. With my background in business, photography, and as a writer (along with my love of visual inspiration) was born The Tennessee Bride. 

After the launch of The Tennessee Bride, I received an outpouring of support and requests for expansion. By mid-2015 The Southeastern Bride was a thing. Since then I have shared countless inspiration on this blog, carefully cultivated a meaningful vendor directory, and have published three print magazines.

Looking into 2018 it is hard to expect what things will look like a year from now. I am looking forward to a more personal and honest sharing of marriage this year with a variety of posts spanning from engagement through the first years. You name it, finances, home, and even health; I really want to dive into sharing my heart for marriage and getting more personal here than in years past. I am also considering and slowly working on a few tactical products that I believe will be a true enrichment to the planning not only of a wedding, but of a marriage. And of course you can expect to continue seeing plenty of inspiration for your big day through the beautiful fine-art imagery The Southeastern Bride is known for.

Why Marriage? 

Why marriage? Because I want to leave something that lasts beyond my days; a simple legacy of love.

At my Papaw’s funeral I listened as a woman congratulated Mamaw on nearly sixty-years of marriage. She turned to the woman and said, “It wasn’t enough”. 

As we laid her to rest beside him I was overwhelmed by the legacy they created in the now 21 lives of children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren, along with our many spouses and significant others; their marriage a prominent piece of each of our hearts.

I have had the pleasure of watching many marriages thrive, and I have also witnessed the struggle and hardship that can break a marraige. I want The Southeastern Bride to be a place of encouragement and a source of strength. Yes, I feature beautiful imagery and have a “perfect feed”, but between you and me, that is just a way of drawing people into something with a lot of heart behind it. 

To me, my marriage is a place of rest and restoration. It is my safe place and comfort. We go out into the world and are exausted by it’s demands, but our marriage provides the place we get to come back to at the end of the day. 

This love is what I hope to share with brides-to-be and I am so grateful that you are here.