Our Wedding: Celebrating Six Years

This image is hardly The Southeastern Bride material, I know. I never use black and whites, and it wasn't even shot by a professional photographer. Aesthetics aside, tomorrow is our sixth wedding anniversary and I thought it would be fun to tell y'all a little about our own wedding day and why we celebrate marriage daily at the Davis house. 
We were married in Blue Ridge Georgia on December 19, 2009. We realized early on in our engagement (July 2009) that we just wanted to be married. We did not want to spend time saving up for a dream wedding and instead we went the uber budget friendly route. We rented a six bedroom cabin, invited twenty of our closest friends and family, and one football Saturday we convinced Ben's childhood best friend to get ordained in order to marry us.

The night before the big day, our wedding party drove up to the cabin (all but a few of the guests). We made burgers, had some drinks, and Ben and me were the last ones up. We made funny phone videos and pushed a couple couches together in the wee hours of the morning to keep talking before we finally got some rest. The next morning while everyone got up and made breakfast we casually drove around town trying to locate our honeymoon cabin. We returned and by 1:00pm we were ready. 

With candles lit and the fire place glowing I walked out to Roger Alan Wade's "Everything to me" and ten minutes later we were married!

We had family catered BBQ and banana pudding in-lieu of cake. We didn't have a photographer, rather family and friends passed our camera around and we soaked in lots of time chatting with our guests. Everyone eventually headed back home and we went to spend a few days adventuring in a slightly scary, and lady bug infested, cabin.

Today my husband is graduating college (summa cum laude!) and I am more proud of him than ever. Over the last six years we have experienced job loss, a difficult move, welcomed two baby girls, loss of a parent, autism, a return to college, and life with a mentally unstable cat. It has been quite an adventure already and I can't wait to see what this next year has in store for us.

So many people say how hard they work on their marriage. Truth be told, our marriage is not work to us. Rather it is our refuge from the world. At the end of the day we have each other, and in honesty we have realized over our trials that our marriage and children are absolutely all we need. We celebrate our marriage each day because it is the best and strongest piece of ourselves and because we are just better together.