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Pockets of Rest

Thing I've been thinking about a lot lately: creating pockets of rest in the day- and then really taking them for rest instead of that other quick productive thing you could be doing. 

In response to yesterday's Instagram post with some of the reads I'm most looking forward to this fall I received replies from two distinct camps. There was the, "I read all the time, I love books" or the contrasting "I don't read, ain't no body got time for that, how do you have time to read with all that you do?" 

And that's both fair and true. I do have a lot to do. Feed the children, feed the cat, feed me, feed the cat again, homeschool children, reply to emails, set up partnerships and schedule blog posts, laundry, more laundry, play Shopkins, rest of the laundry, get children out and about, and the dreaded meal planning/procuring of groceries.

Regardless of any and all of my commitments, I've been thinking about and desiring rest more lately. Just like we need water for hydration, we need rest for the refreshment of our minds and relaxation of our bodies. I even spent time pondering what I would find restful in the middle of the day. I settled on an afternoon coffee and reading fiction. (Fiction so that I truly chill- no lists and plans and hard thoughts during rest allowed!) 

Now quite luckily for me, my girls are literally the very best of friends and they are generally happy playing and being together all throughout the day. After lunch we always have a little down time in the form of a snuggle and a show. Then afterward they usually go (unforced) to their room for some independent play. That twenty minutes or so used to be when I would try to cram in all of the chores, tasks, and to-do's for the day. I would check my email and send replies and upload images.

It was easy to automate some of the emails. And so maybe I check social media less often or the towels stay in the dryer just a little longer, but those first few minutes where they have gone to play have become my pocket of rest. The remainder of the day I am finding that I am more relaxed, calm, and patient. Because of that tiny break in the day I'm more attentive to the emails that need replies and have more energy for folding those towels.

All of this to encourage you to take some rest in the middle of the busy. Move something around or just do something different. Use your afternoon break time to step outside and take in the clouds, use the first few minutes of baby's naptime to text a friend, or just pick a different time of day to load the dishwasher and enjoy a few minutes of stretching instead. 

Create your pocket of rest. And then take it.

First Comes Love, Then Comes Marriage...

Then comes home, family, bills, budgets, business, and the baby carriage!

For years this line has been an untouched part of The Southeastern Bride motto:  "The Southeastern Bride is not only a resource for southern wedding planning, but strives to be a source of inspiration and encouragement from dreaming of marriage on to the legacy of love we leave behind." 

And now, I finally feel, is the right time to move forward in serving women not only in preparing for their wedding day, but also those living out their legacies in marriage, family, home, business, and motherhood as well. 

As this year begins to wind down and as we prepare to start the next fresh and full of opportunity, I want to walk in ways that uphold my own personal purpose in celebrating this life with you; in all of the areas that accompany being a bride, both in the months before and in the years after the ceremony.

By no means am I a lifestyle expert of any kind, but I have learned my way over the past ten years. We have experienced financial devastation, began to figure out life with an autistic daughter and another with her own sensitive soul, started a business, and have created successful routines and rhythms while home-educating and keeping the house kinda sorta clean and organized. Unfortunately, I've yet to figure out anything in the kitchen.

The weddings and inspiration are still available here on the blog and I am still gratefully celebrating the incredibly talented members of the vendor directory. I am simply adding in some new content from a more personal and honest perspective that I hope is encouraging beyond the wedding day.

I am so excited to be moving in a direction that I feel is more suited to my own heart. I love marriage and all that comes with it and am so hopeful that in the future to come you will find content that is encouraging no matter what your stage in wife-life.