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The watchful steering eye that steadies weakness. 
The gentle boldness that brings to path a reckless spirit.
To escape together bound in belonging and sincerity.
Made new as waves crash against the coast. 

Cator Woolford Bridal Inspiration

By looking at today's feature you would hardly imagine that it took place in Atlanta. The Cator Woolford Gardens provide an enchanting backdrop and serve as host to this unique bridal inspiration. Featuring fine-art touches such as foraged florals, the citrine engagement ring, and film photography, these images are sure to inspire.

Letter from the Editor: The Elephant in the Room

Within the next day or two The Southeastern Bride Instagram account will be rolling over to 10K followers. I was telling my husband last night that I wish I could celebrate this with you. (I don't feel like it's a crowning achievement by any means, just a fun thing along the way.) And then I told him how awkward I feel about it and that I truly just thought I should keep my head down and hope no one even noticed that it had rolled over or consider how long it had taken. Two years into business I look around and think about how newer sites, are getting the submissions I want, the advertisers I need, and ugh, they just seem like they are doing better- how's that for honesty?

Origins of Love

The desire and need to be loved is, in turn, where love begins. An unselfish void; relentless until ful lled. A desire abundant with kindness and patience. From a perpetual seeking is born honest and true love.

White Sparrow Barn Wedding Inspiration

In the south, romance seems to float in the air like the sweet scent of magnolia blossoms. Hidden amongst tall trees in the Texas countryside, The White Sparrow Barn is the perfect backdrop for a sweet, southern affair. The neutral colors contrast perfectly with the lush and green landscape that surround the barn. Inside, the finishes and details make for a cozy and homey feel. The light flows through the barn's windows and fills the room with sunshine.

Our goal with this design was to bring the classic southern style back through springtime color palettes, a nod to vintage, and to provoke the essence of sweetness. The feminine details of the florals and place settings showcase the beauty of mixing clean lines and varied textures. The White Sparrow's familiar white walls and high ceilings are so quintessential, but the grounds that surround the building are just as stunning. With such a beautiful day, we wanted to bring the outdoors to the main stage.

Our bride and groom spent the day hand-in-hand soaking up the springtime sunshine and sharing their love. The bride, Elin, is a local photographer in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Her and her beau thoroughly enjoyed being on the opposite side of the camera for a change. Their sweetness towards each other was palpable and gave life to our vision of sweet, southern romance. 

The barn was filled with the most amazing floral scents thanks to the fabulous Lizzie Bee's Flower Shoppe. Their work gave proof to the fact simple doesn't mean dull. By selecting only a few specific varieties of florals, we were able to showcase the china patterns and luxe details. The bride's bouquet was made organically once Lizzie was in the space and felt all the details come together. This custom and organic approach to floral creation sets Lizzie apart.

Overall, this shoot brought us back to classic springtime romance. For brides looking to add current trends to their wedding day while maintaining a timeless taste, these details are perfect. 
-Chancey Charm Dallas Wedding Planner, Liz Ise