Slow & Simple Morning Routine

There is something special about a slow morning. Molly and Sam spent this particular morning dancing around the kitchen to oldies, enjoying freshly cut flowers, and baking chocolate chip donuts together. On this particular morning Madeline Harper was there to photograph Molly and Sam as they cuddled in the kitchen and laughed together over brunch, and we are so glad she was.

Professional Acknowledgement: 
Scones: Dozen Bakery

Southeast's Finest New Vendor Profile: Abigail Malone

I am beyond thrilled to introduce our newest member in the Southeast's Finest Vendor Directory, Abigail Malone.  I had the great fortune of meeting Abigail just last night as she did our family photos. In just the hour we spent together I can tell you that she is is kind, gentle, and provides flowing instruction that still feels so natural and real.

Our First Home Together

I consider today's feature one of the most fun milestones in a relationship: creating a home together. Photographer Lindsey LaRue had the honor of documenting Jessica and Zach as they moved into their first home together. In the heart of Rome Georgia's historic district is this beautiful loft apartment with twenty-five foot ceilings, exposed brick walls, and original wood flooring. This home features character and charm, but more than that it is what these four walls will be and become for Jessica and Zach as they create memories in what only appears to be an empty space.


Jessica and Eric met in Washington, D.C., through Jessica’s former boss (Eric's sister). They were introduced at a company event where they attended a Nationals baseball game. They talked through the entire game and when Eric asked for Jessica’s number, she gave it to him. But, because of the possible awkwardness that may arise from dating your boss’ brother, Jessica politely turned down Eric’s further advances. She finally gave in three weeks later and agreed to go out with Eric. They went sailing and the rest, as they say, is history. 

Through their wedding celebration Eric and Jessica honored the people they love, and celebrated the relationships they had built with all of the many people that led to them finding each other. 

Van & Kim's Santa Rosa Wedding