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Story of a Husband

When I reached out to Kathleen of JoPhoto about any content she would like to contribute to our first publication, our exchange was not as I had anticipated. Kathleen and her husband, photographers and filmmakers based in Knoxville, Tennessee, recently launched a second business that has proven quite successful in the photography industry. She unfortunately had no new content to submit for the magazine, nor did she have time to devote to a one-of-a-kind editorial made just for Book 1. In fact, they were preparing to leave on a trip to Ireland in the coming days. I asked Kathleen if she would share some personal photos with us when they got back, and she was kind enough to agree.

Southern Colonial Inspiration

It started with the blue patterned china as an inspiration. A colonial-era inspired shoot was built from there, with timeless touches. The grounds at the historic Homestead Manor served as a perfect backdrop to blueberry, silver, and magnolia tones. The colonial details tell a story as if these film images could have been taken in the early days of our nation, yet still feel fresh & modern.

-Jenna Henderson, Photographer


Sevier Blumen is a specialty cut flower farm located in Sevierville, TN. Nestled among the foothills of the Smoky Mountains, Sevier Blumen is truly a homegrown family business.  The head horticulturist and co-owner,  Robin Yeary, manages the day to day of the farm with the help of       Whitney, his wife, their young son, Bo, and of course with the trusted help of the farm cats.  

Aside from growing and  harvesting flowers for local florists and farmers markets, Robin and Whitney work with brides directly to create one of a kind bouquets and centerpieces. The Yearys devote tireless hours and labor, all for the love of an honest days work and beautiful farm grown flowers.

Lauren & John's North Carolina Wedding

Lauren & John, both architects, used their love of design as a starting point for planning their wedding. The couple spent a lot of time driving around looking for venues that spoke to their design aesthetic for their wedding day. They loved the design of this little country church, and also the open air feel of L’Abri for their reception. With a palette of green, navy, and touches of pink, their wedding day turned out very beautifully designed with much heartfelt meaning to them. 

After the Rainstorm

There is something so incredibly inspiring about the river; how it moves in ways that describe our lives, especially after the rainstorm. Some seasons are peaceful still, while others overwhelm and overtake. Yet, there is something so beautiful about that, even after the waters change and you adjust to the next season.